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Download the New ASLMS 2017 Mobile App Today!

mobile-app-iconDownload or Access the App

The ASLMS Mobile app is available in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Search for ASLMS 2017 and download the app.

For PC, Laptop, Blackberry or Windows phone, go to to access the mobile web version.

Log-In and Password

When launching the app for the first time, select Request a Password on the login screen and enter the email address you used to register for the Annual Conference. You will receive an email with a link to create a password. When prompted, please ALLOW for push notifications from the app.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must be registered and have a unique email address to use the app.


My Account

Log in to the app and edit your profile.

Click the Menu icon (looks like three stacked horizontal lines) on the upper left and touch the person icon next to your email address at the top of the menu list.

Click Edit in the upper right to upload your photo.

Your name and organization (and photo if you choose to upload) will appear on the attendee list in the app.  No other contact information will be displayed.


The main sections of the app can be accessed from any page within the app by clicking the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner, the More button at bottom, or side-swiping from left to right.

Select the Home button to return to the homepage.



In the Agenda section, you will be able to access session times, room locations, speaker information, and any session descriptions, presentations, related links, and evaluations.

Browse by day or filter by session type by clicking the Filter icon at the top. You can search the agenda using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right-hand corner (or search bar at the top on mobile web version).

When you select a session, you can click on the Map icon to pull up the floor plan map and see a drop pin on the room location for that session. 

Clicking on a speaker name pulls up his or her detail page.

If any Handouts, Related Links, Live Polls, and/or Evaluations have been added to the session, you may click on the appropriate button to view and participate.


For non-program items, such as breaks, click on the My Schedule bar at the top to add item to your schedule.

For program items, click on the course, workshop or session, select the top item in the list and click on the My Schedule bar at the top to add item to your schedule.

For applicable courses, you can add the Pre-test and Post-test to your schedule or go to the agenda item and access them from there. 

For abstract sessions, you can add an individual abstract presentation to your schedule. Find the abstract session and scroll to the abstract list. Select the abstract and click on the My Schedule bar at the top to add item to your schedule.

You may also add items to your device calendar by selecting iCal on an iPhone or iPad or MyCal on an Android device.

View your schedule: Tap on the Star icon in the menu or view schedule from home screen. If you have many items in your schedule, you may need to scroll up to view items further down the list.

Continuing Medical Education Credits - NEW - Electronic CME/CE Evaluations!

You can claim credit electronically on the ASLMS 2017 mobile app. Do this on your device or by using one of the Self-Serve CME Stations located on the ground level or upper level of the convention center.


To receive CME/CE credit hours, registered attendees must submit an electronic CME/CE Evaluation for each registered course, workshop, breakfast or luncheon session.

Registered attendees will find the CME Evaluation for individual sessions within the Agenda section. Open the session and click on the top item in the list to access your CME/CE Evaluation. View the My Credits button in the app to keep track of the CME Credits you have earned. Upon completion of the electronic CME evaluation, registered attendees will receive a statement of CME credit via email.


To receive CME credit hours for Annual Conference programming, registered attendees must submit an electronic CME Evaluation and document hours of attendance for each applicable session.

Click on the Conference CME Evaluation menu item to access the CME Record & Critique Sheet. Or you can access via the URL:

Hours are calculated to the nearest quarter hour (.25). All submitted CME Evaluations will first be reviewed by the ASLMS central office. Letters of CME credit will be emailed to attendees within 30 days of the event.


Messages from the event organizer and/or other attendees will appear in the Messages section of the app.


Send messages to other logged-in attendees in the App. Check out the Messages section to compose a new message or reply to another logged-in attendee.  To see the list of eligible recipients and to create a message, select the Pencil and Paper icon in the upper right corner.

You may also send a message from the Attendees section by selecting a logged-in attendee (indicated by an Envelope icon next to the attendee’s name in the Attendees list) then selecting the Pencil and Paper icon at the top of their attendee profile.


In the Attendees section, you can sort by last name or organization. You can search the attendee list using the Magnifying Glass icon in the upper right-hand corner (or search bar at the top on mobile web version).


Click on the Speakers section to view more detail on the speakers and their sessions. You may also access speaker detail from the agenda session.

You can search Speakers using the search bar (not available on mobile web version).


Search for an exhibitor by sponsor level, name or location. You can search the exhibitor list using the Magnifying Glass icon in the upper right-hand corner (or search bar at the top on mobile web version).

When you select an exhibitor, you can click on the Map icon to pull up the floor plan map and see a drop pin on the booth location.


Find your way around at the conference using the Maps feature. View all maps in the Maps section.

In an agenda session or exhibitor listing, click on the Map icon next to the location name to pull up the map.

Info & Highlights

In the Info & Highlights section you will find key logistical information about the event and the app.


Participate in Live Polling to offer feedback, vote or pose questions to presenters (in select sessions), all in real-time in the app. ASLMS will send out a push notification if there is a live poll. Session directors will let attendees know if questions to presenters is available in the session.

Discussion Board

Check out the Discussion Board section to start a new discussion thread and comment on other attendees’ posts.

Post a topic using the icon in the upper right hand corner of the toolbar.

Comment on an existing topic by selecting it and adding your comment in the field at the bottom.


Take Notes in the app! Click on a session, attendee, speaker or exhibitor/sponsor and select the Notepad icon in the upper right-hand corner (or swipe the screen to the left).  

By selecting All Notes on the note-taking page, you can “Collect your notes and the app will organize them by topic and allow you to email them to yourself.

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