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Faculty Requirements

Slide presentations are for use during lecture.

Handouts are for distribution to course attendees.

Note: This page information is not for Abstract Presenters. This information only pertains to Faculty of Courses, Workshops, Powers Hours and Special Sessions.


Faculty Expectations

Faculty are selected by the Course Director(s). Specific duties include:

  • Participate in the program as requested by the Course Director(s).
  • Prepare and submit course materials by deadlines prior to the educational event.
  • Disclose conflict of interest prior to and verbally at the time of the educational event.

Due Immediately

update personal information via your aslms profile.

  • Disclosure Form (only one submission required if serving in multiple sessions)
  • Biographical Sketch
  • Professional Head Shot
  • OFAC Information (if residing outside the United States)

Policy and Regulation Tasks

review - required

complete the following - required

  • Visit and complete the activity entitled "Faculty Roles and Responsibilities in Certified Continuing Medical Education (CME) and FDA Regulated Speaker Programs (RSP) - There is a Difference."
    • Verify with that you have done so.

Planning Guidelines

  • Review the 2020 Program-at-a-Glance.
  • Review the Tentative Course Schedule your Course Director(s) put together (e-mailed in the Course Faculty Welcome Letter).

accme / cme note:

  • It is important that content be "generic" rather than "brand name" in nature, and an effort should be made to include other technologies and competing products in the discussions (e.g. IPL, RF, etc.).
  • During the Q&A session, presenters can answer specific device questions, but the actual presentations must be generic in nature.

Presentation Guidelines

Upload Presentation by March 9, 2020.


Planning and presentation

  • A disclosure slide listing any and all financial relationships with ACCME defined commercial interests acquired within the past 12 months will be automatically added to the presentation once uploaded.
  • Appearance of COI (i.e. bias or content directly pertinent to disclosures) is not permitted.
  • Advertising, trade names, corporate logos or product-group messages are NOT allowed.
  • Video end-points and before/after images are encouraged.
  • Internet-based, embedded content will not be supported.
  • Keep the PowerPoint presentation within a reasonable number of slides per the time for your presentation for an even paced and easy-to-follow presentation.
  • The Course Director(s) will provide separate time for Q&A.

powerpoint format

  • PowerPoint Presentation (pptx).
  • 16:9 Ratio (widescreen format).

Audiovisual guidelines

  • All presentations will be pre-loaded on the ASLMS Presentation Upload Site.
  • The Presentation Upload Site will open prior to the Annual Conference.
  • All faculty are required to check-in at the Speaker Ready Room at least 12 hours prior to their presentation.
    • This allows time to ensure compatibility, prepare, rehearse and finalize presentations.
  • Faculty will not be able to use their personal devices for presentations.

Faculty Handout Guidelines

Upload Handout by March 9, 2020.


  • Lecture handouts are required for every faculty talk in a CME session.
  • Handouts will be distributed approximately 2-weeks prior to the Annual Conference via an electronic link to all educational program attendees.
  • On the upload site, a handout is required for any item that does NOT have "n/a" in the "Handout Uploaded" column.
  • There is an option to use presentation slides as the handout. The ASLMS staff will convert the slides into a PDF Document or you may upload a separate PDF file.
  • Timely, accurate information is vital to effective learning.


  • PDF.
  • White background with black text - for best readability and hassle-free printing.
  • Color may be used on the handout within illustrations or for emphasis.
  • Do either one slide per page or 4 slides per page horizontally.


  • Handout must represent at least 75% of your lecture content.
  • There is no need to include patient photos or other sensitive information.
  • Feel free to include helpful charts, graphs, data and other information pertinent to effective learning.

Faculty Pre- / Post-Test Question Guidelines

Submit Questions to by March 9, 2020.


  • Faculty speakers must create 1-2 multiple choice questions per every scheduled talk in a CME Session.
  • Submit questions to
    • Indicate the talk title that each question corresponds to.
    • Indicate the correct answer for each question.
    • Questions will be compiled and forwarded to the Course Director for review.
  • QUESTION WRITING TIPS - The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) suggests the following for effective question writing:
    • avoid true/false and "none/all of the above" type questions
    • avoid complicated strings/stems - for example, a long question with multiple options then multiple answers below selecting from the listed options (a double layer multiple choice)
    • reduce ambiguity in questions to prevent learners from having to make assumptions about a patient case or treatment to answer the question
    • avoid multiple answer responses (i.e. A and C) by structuring multiple choice questions with a "one best answer" response

Hotel and Travel

The ASLMS provides a group hotel rate. Please make hotel reservations as soon as possible, as rooms are based on availability.