Peggy Nowell, RN Educational Scholarship

The Peggy Nowell, RN Educational Scholarship is available to qualifying Nursing/Allied Health abstract or case study presenting authors who have been accepted for oral presentation at the Annual Conference.

If you have questions, regarding eligibility or the submission process, contact,


Educational Scholarship Application Deadline


Application Form Available via the Abstract Submission Process.

Or, if you are not the submitter but will be indicated as a qualified presenting author on a submitted abstract, follow the link below to submit your application.


  • Available Funds: There will be 1 scholarship available which will consist of a waived 2021 Virtual Annual Conference registration fee. A recipient will be determined upon review based on ranking by quality criteria set forth for submitted abstracts and case studies.
  • Eligibility: Available to ASLMS Nursing/Allied Health members who are certified or who hold a degree in the Nursing/Allied Health Field or working toward a degree in the field.
  • Required Items: While applicants may submit multiple abstracts or case studies, each with a separate scholarship application, the selected recipient is limited to one scholarship. A complete application will include:
    • Applicant must have current ASLMS membership, or new applicant status
    • Abstract or case study must be submitted for consideration to the Nursing/Allied Health category at the upcoming Annual Conference
    • Complete the Educational Scholarship application form
  • Deadline: Membership, abstracts, and applications must be submitted by the INITIAL abstract deadline (see deadlines above)
  • Recipient Selection: Submitted abstracts or case studies must be accepted for oral presentation within the Nursing/Allied Health session. Abstracts and case studies will be reviewed based on quality criteria and ranked by the Nursing/Allied Health Division Representative.
    • The selected scholarship recipient must complete their assigned oral presentation at the ASLMS Annual Conference.
  • Notification: Applicants will be notified via email of your abstract/case study and scholarship status no later than February preceding the conference.
No scholarship will be awarded to any person if the award would be contrary to any United States law, including but not limited to trade embargoes administered by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control. 

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