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Public Policy Update 2018

Public Policy Activity in Rhode Island, Ohio, and Arizona

During the February Board meeting, Dr. Hruza reported on public policy activity in the States of Rhode Island and Ohio. The PULSE Coalition is again supporting legislation that is being reintroduced in Rhode Island regarding the delegation of non-ablative treatments and direct on-site supervision.

The second initiative is supporting proposed language in the State of Ohio addressing the delegation of light-based procedures to non-physician providers. Additional language requires a physician to see and personally evaluate the patient to determine whether the application is appropriate, and to perform an evaluation after the initial treatment to ensure the patient responded positively.

The proposed legislation in Rhode Island and Ohio basically matches the Society’s position statement; therefore, the ASLMS signed on with the PULSE Coalition to support the regulations.

Dr. Gerald Goldberg reported that a bill was proposed in the State of Arizona in January by the Cosmetology Board to decrease supervision and to increase the scope of practice by estheticians. The PULSE Coalition offered support; however, the grassroots effort by Dr. Goldberg and several other physicians was successful in blocking the legislation.

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