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Excellence in Laser Nursing/Allied Health Award

Thursday, April 6 | 1:30 PM - 1:50 PM | 31 B/C – Nursing/Allied Health Course

Laura McDermott, BIS, LE, MA

Ingredients: From Nutrition to Topicals

Join Laura L McDermott, BIS, MA, LE for a discussion on ingredients, both for use in nutrition and wellness – internally, as well as for topicals and skin care – externally.  Not all ingredients are created equally, some don’t absorb and not all penetrate the skin.  Whether it’s for skin care or a supplement, there are ways to enhance the delivery and therefore the efficacy of ingredients.


ASLMS Leadership, Mentorship & Public Advocacy for Women in Medical Science Award

Thursday, April 6 | 5:50 PM - 6:00 PM | 28 C/D/E – Celebration of ASLMS Women in Energy-Based Devices

Jill S. Waibel, MD

Shadow and Light: Journeys of Laser Healing


Dr. Horace Furumoto Innovations Professional Development - Young Investigator Award

Friday, April 7 | 11:16 AM - 11:28 AM | Hall F – Plenary Session

Bo Chen, PHD

Objective Measurements in the Development of Aesthetic Treatments

Dr. Chen’s presentation will overview tools and methods that have been employed in his research of novel medical treatments. Through his eye as a research scientist, Dr. Chen will provide insight on how a scientist approaches medical problems, and how he utilizes objective measurements to aid and guide the development of new therapeutic systems.


Ellet H. Drake Memorial Award

Friday, April 7 | 1:36 PM - 1:46 PM | Hall F – Cutaneous Applications Abstract Session

Melanie Grossman, MD

My Unexpected Journey Through Laser Hair Removal

Join Melanie Grossman as she highlights her journey through the development and improvement of Laser Hair Removal (LHR). Her talk will include details of how the technology was perfected, the side effects, applications, and best practices of LHR. Additionally, she will illustrate how a careful history and physical exam of LHR patients can often lead to unexpected improvement of patients’ health.


Leon Goldman Memorial Award

Saturday, April 8 | 10:33 AM -10:48 AM | Hall F – Cutting Edge: Laser and Skin Session

Gerald Goldberg, MD

Challenges in Dermatologic Lasers: Past, Present and Future

Dr. Goldberg will briefly outline some of the challenges inspired by Dr. Goldman’s early innovation in lasers for use in dermatologic therapy. Past challenges that have been tackled will be reviewed for the treatment of vascular, pigment, hair, and skin rejuvenation applications. Innovative approaches to several unique clinical cases will be illustrated as well as the challenge of working with laser complications. The future of how our Dermatology specialty will deal with the expanding scope of practice of non-physicians and the competition of the Medspa industry will be presented.


Caroline and William Mark Memorial Award

Saturday, April 8 | 1:36 PM - 1:51 PM | 30 A/B – Basic Science and Translational Research Abstract Session

Thomas Milner, PHD

A Narrative for Laser Medicine: The Central Role of Lasers in Twenty-First Century

Light is the universal medium for the free transformation of information and energy.  Over the last two centuries, the cost in human labor of generating light has decreased by five orders of magnitude.  Dr. Milner will present evidence suggesting that, because the commercial application of light in medicine is in the first or earliest stage of the evolutionary paradigm common to the advancement of all modern-day industries, the future portends tremendous advances and benefits for light-based medicine.  Some of Dr. Milner’s contributions to light-based medicine will be presented and possible directions for the next generation of advancements will be described.

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