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Preceptorship Program



Thank you for generously sponsoring the ASLMS Preceptorship Program in 2018

The ASLMS Preceptorship Program provides a unique opportunity for ASLMS members who are early in their career to learn new techniques and perspectives in lasers and other energy based technologies, observe a successful practice in action and develop valuable career networks.

ASLMS uses survey instruments and tools to conduct several needs assessments throughout the year. Professional practice gaps are identified through these assessments. The ASLMS Preceptorship Program is designed to address knowledge, competence and performance practice gaps by providing direct exposure to clinical cases and treatment strategies as conducted on patients real-time by experienced clinicians. A funded, organized Preceptorship Program is an opportunity for ASLMS to enhance its ability to provide additional educational opportunities for clinicians consistent with the organizational mission and vision, and has the potential to improve patient care outcomes.

Participation Requirements

ASLMS members who are between one and five years post medical school graduation, third year resident (or second year resident as long as the preceptorship occurs during their third year of residency) or in a fellowship will have the opportunity to visit the practice of an established physician to observe best practices and skills in core areas as well as advanced skills in procedures and techniques not previously learned.

Applicants must be in a qualified residency or fellowship program or board certified by a recognized American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) board. If you are not an ASLMS member, you may apply for membership by visiting and selecting “Join ASLMS” from the menu.

Application Process

  • Choose a preceptor from the list of ASLMS members who have met the criteria established for preceptors and who have agreed to serve as a preceptor. The preceptor must be contacted to ensure he/she is interested in serving in that capacity for the potential preceptee.
  • Prior to submitting an application to the ASLMS, applicants must secure a preceptor, agree upon a time frame for the preceptorship and secure the preceptor’s signature on the application which verifies agreement with the terms of the program.
  • Each preceptorship must be a minimum of one week. It is the responsibility of each preceptee to coordinate the duration of the preceptorship. Preceptorships may begin in June and must be completed within one year.
  • Preceptee candidates are eligible for one preceptorship per year.

To apply use one of the printable applications below. Applications should be emailed to

The following documents must be attached:

  • Current curriculum vitae.
  • Essay outlining career goals, educational goals and how the preceptorship will impact the applicant’s future or current practice of using lasers and other related technologies in medical and surgical applications.
  • Residents must include a letter of support from their program director or chief of service on official letterhead.
  • Signed and dated Preceptee Release Form.

Available Funding

Please note that all 2018 funding for the ASLMS Preceptorship Program has been allocated. Applications will be considered for those choosing to work with a preceptor in their locale, however, the applicant must be willing to assume all associated expenses.


Approval Process

The ASLMS Awards Committee is responsible for the final decision on approving ASLMS members who apply for a preceptorship.

Preceptee applicants will be accepted based upon the merit of:

  • Career and educational goals.
  • How the preceptorship will impact future or current practice of using lasers and other related technologies in medical and surgical applications.
  • Be in a qualified residency or fellowship program or board certified by a recognized ABMS member board.
  • A letter of approval verifying acceptance of any application must be provided by ASLMS to the preceptor and preceptee before a preceptorship begins. Preceptors will not schedule preceptorships without first receiving verification from ASLMS.

Post-Preceptorship Requirements

Upon completion of preceptorship, preceptees must submit to ASLMS:

  • Final expenses (if applicable), timesheet and evaluation (using the forms provided by ASLMS).
  • A brief report (1,000 words or less) outlining the experience. Reports are to be submitted via email to Preceptee reports may be shared in member newsletter, on the website, and in other marketing materials. 
  • High resolution (300 dpi or greater) color photograph/headshot in .png, .pdf., .eps, .tiff or .jpg format.

The Preceptorship Experience

The preceptorship program is a service for ASLMS members. ASLMS’ role is to provide the organizational structure for the program, coordinate applications for the program, solicit funding, publicize and promote participation in the program, and act as a fiscal agent with regard to appropriation of funds to preceptees for program participation expenses.

ASLMS will have no role in or responsibility for the actual implementation of the individual preceptorships, including but not limited to supervision, administration, advice, guidance, monitoring, direction, conduct, or performance. Each individual preceptorship reflects the views, skills, practice, and content of individual preceptors only.

The views, techniques and practices demonstrated in the preceptorships do not represent the views, practices, opinions, or recommendations of the ASLMS as an organization or those of the funding sponsors.

The availability of hands-on experience depends upon local practice or institutional requirements for licensure and insurance coverage. Applicants must seek information from the preceptor defining the expectations of an individual preceptorship program.

ASLMS assumes no liability for any individual preceptorship, and all preceptors and preceptees will release ASLMS and indemnify and hold it harmless from any liability. Preceptors and preceptees will be responsible for obtaining their own insurance to cover preceptorship activities.

Preceptees Share Experiences

gruber-paul-aslms-quote"I left the two week ASLMS Preceptorship completely exhilarated about incorporating novel cosmetic, laser, and procedural dermatologic therapies into my future practice. The entire experience was outstanding and I would recommend others looking to have a truly inspiring educational opportunity to pursue the same."

ASLMS Preceptee

  • Paul Gruber, MD

    gruber-paulMy two week ASLMS Preceptorship with Dr. Mitch Goldman was more enriching to my education and training than I ever could have imagined. Coming from an academic institution with somewhat limited cosmetic and laser dermatology exposure, I was able to get first-hand experience with cutting edge treatment modalities. Drs Goldman, Wu, Fabi, Butterwick, and Groff could not have been more kind and supportive regarding my educational experience in their busy practice. Despite my gaps in knowledge, they were always eager to teach about both the newer energy based devices in use as well as the salient features of older more traditional procedures.

    The practice has an immense amount of energy based devices including just about every laser one could imagine. Drs Goldman and Wu were always helpful in simplifying the treatment modalities and their mechanism of action. I was very fortunate to see a number of procedures not available to most residents in an academic setting including Thermage, Ultherapy, Infini Radiofrequency, Coolsculpting, Cellfina, Liposuction, and Phlebectomy. Observing these treatments directly provided more understanding than one could ever glean from a textbook or journal article.

    I could not be more appreciative for the time during patient encounters that Dr. Goldman took to highlight teaching points. From the initial patient consultation to procedural methods and managing complications, he enthusiastically passed along the nuances of providing optimal patient care. Dr. Goldman has a tremendous reputation for his contributions to the evolution of sclerotherapy and I was fortunate to observe him perform a fair amount during my two weeks. With each procedure he would provide invaluable advice on proper patient evaluation, technique, counseling, and post-procedural care. It is a wonderful privilege to be able to garner such knowledge and I am truly indebted to both the ASLMS and Dr. Goldman.

    I left the two week ASLMS Preceptorship completely exhilarated about incorporating novel cosmetic, laser, and procedural dermatologic therapies into my future practice. The entire experience was outstanding and I would recommend others looking to have a truly inspiring educational opportunity to pursue the same. Dr. Goldman's mentorship was something that I will cherish throughout my career and look to give back to others in the future.

  • Dennis Porto, MD

    porto-dennisMy ASLMS preceptorship with Dr Dover was outstanding. I learned the nuances of energy-based therapy from the physicians who invented many of the techniques. This preceptorship will be critical to my development as a aspirational leader in the field as well. Not only was it educational, but it enabled me to make critical connections with the current giants in the field of cosmetic, procedural, and laser dermatology: Drs Rohrer, Dover, Arndt, and Kaminer. You can only learn so much from textbooks and journal articles. Being able to actually work alongside these physicians for a week is irreplaceable and I am so grateful to ASLMS for providing me this opportunity. I could not recommend this program strongly enough and I couldn't possibly overstate the significance I believe that it will have on my career in the field of energy based devices and procedural dermatology.

  • Prescilia Isedeh, MD

    isedeh-presciliaDuring my ASLMS preceptorship, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Anthony Rossi, who specializes in Mohs surgery and laser surgery. My preceptorship week was very productive. I was able to observe several Mohs cases with Dr. Rossi. It was great to see Dr. Rossi’s approach to his surgical patients during consultation. Also, since I was at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, I was able to see some patients with complex cancer histories who were on multiple chemotherapy agents, which had to be factored to ensure that the patient was an optimum candidate for surgery. During our Mohs surgery, I was able to observe Dr. Rossi’s precise technique in removing the skin cancer. He offered several tips on how to obtain a good sample prior to processing and viewing under microscope. It was good to see his systematic approach to reading the slide of the Mohs specimen. My favorite part of our Mohs day was planning the patient’s reconstruction. Once again, Dr. Rossi had a systematic approach with a “less is always more” philosophy when the defect could be closed in a simple fashion or preform a complex reconstruction when it was warranted.

    Additionally, throughout the clinic day, Dr. Rossi had many patients who he was treating with various lasers. Dr. Rossi used the pulse dye laser and KTP laser to treat post-surgical scar erythema and ablative CO2 laser to hypertrophic scars. Since I did not have too much experience with using these lasers for post-surgery scars and erythema, it was very helpful to see Dr. Rossi’s approach to these cases. In my opinion, lasers are quite complex, but Dr. Rossi was able to simplify many of the laser principles for me to understand. Also, I was exposed to confocal microscopy. In the past, I had read about confocal microscopy, but I was not able to visually understand the concept since two of our patients who had a history of melanoma had this imaging performed in clinic. It was interesting to see how this image modality was incorporated as another diagnostic tool for patients with pigmented lesions, especially those with a history of melanoma.

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my ASLMS preceptorship. I had a good mix of Mohs surgery, laser surgery and complex dermatology. I am interested in doing a Mohs fellowship, so this preceptorship further confirmed my passion for Mohs and laser surgery. Dr. Rossi’s mentorship has been invaluable so I am grateful for the ASLMS preceptorship allowing me to work with Dr. Rossi.

Additional Information

Please contact us with any questions or concerns. If you are interested in serving as a preceptor, please contact Diane Dodds by email or call 715-845-9283.

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